1500 km*
Flight range

160 km/h
Top speed

200 kg

GY-500 gyroplane
The gyroplane GY-500 is designed to solve a wide range of tasks requiring the prompt delivery of civilian and special cargo in a radius of 500 km. GY-500 featured by the ability to base at both airfield or mobile stations and also by ability to perform transportation tasks in a group of carriers with removable payload modules. The complex management system is universal and makes it possible to create regional functional networks that allow you to quickly monitor and serve large areas.
GY-500 is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which allows it to work around the clock, in adverse weather conditions, smoke, with increased radioactive background, at extreme temperatures, etc.



Length – 4.8 m,
Rotor diameter – 8.4 m

Carrying capacity

Payload weight – up to 200 kg,
Max take-off weight – 500 kg,
Cargo compartment dimensions – 1.2×0.5×0.6 m,
Payload compartment volume – 300l

Flight characteristics

Flight speed – 50..160 km/h,
Cruising speed – 90..140 km/h,
Vertical speed – 4 m/s,
Flight range – 330 km,
with auxiliary fuel tank – 1500 km


Takeoff Distance – 50 m,
Landing Distance – 0..15 m,
Engine – ROTAX 912 ULS,
Engine power – 100 hp

Order GY-500 today

Order GY-500 today

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